Art Therapy

Reflections Art Studio

Learn art techniques to express yourself for as little as $50!

Art Therapy

Reflections Art Studio

Learn art techniques to express yourself for as little as $50!

How can art therapy help your well-being?

There could be a plethora of reasons you may seek therapeutic channels to remedy internal struggles. We are proud to offer a new and exciting way to expand your inner mind and express it in an easy and fun outlet.

Visual journaling is a very therapeutic process. It allows you to express your internal life struggles such as stress, sorrow, loneliness, frustration, and negative thoughts.

Handling feelings experienced during your transitions in life, allows you to free up your mind and have a healthier attitude.

Additionally, visual journaling alleviates the mind of stress and lifts stress from the body.  A mind burdened by stress will also weigh heavy on the body.  By alleviating mental stress, your body is also under less stress, allowing your heart and muscles to become relaxed as well.

Escape to the country and instantly feel calm, peaceful and relaxed at Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom.

It feels so good to create art, to express thoughts and feelings and to document your life journey.

At Reflections Art Studio, meet other people who are experiencing similar life stories and who have the desire to learn, explore different ways to express life stories and transitions, and create art.

Connect with people who want to live a happier, creative life.

When you surround yourself with positive people and experiences, you free up your mind and heart, and are able to see the positives in life and are able to celebrate your successes, memories and special occasions in your life.  

Come to Reflections Art Studio and surround yourself with positive energy and experiences.

There is no right or wrong way to visual journal.When creating at Reflections Art Studio, your art is a reflection of you. Everyone leaves with their own story documented in their own style using the techniques I have shown them.

By learning many ways to create layers using multi-media, art theory, different ways to organize your thoughts and ideas, memories and troubles your creativity will soar!

Learn creative ways to cover up mistakes and turn them into “happy little accidents.”

You will feel creative because anything is possible as you explore art using multi-media in your visual journal.

Retreat to Reflections Art Studio for a creative, therapeutic art experience in the country!

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Here's what people have said about their experiences with Reflections Art Studio

I sooo enjoyed this class! It is a wonderful way to present your personal recipes and to pass them on to be treasured by the next generation! Renee put forth her expertise and guided us through the process which lead me to the creative art side that I thought I didn’t have. It certainly was a new learning experience for me! We had an enjoyable relaxing evening full of creating, laughter and positive conversation. To top off the end of each session we enjoyed a cup of tea and a treat. Thank you for the experience Renee!

Doris Beck


How much does art therapy cost?

Are you tired of being unhappy and negative?

Are you struggling each morning to get out of bed  because of stress, frustration or depression?

Are you experiencing heartache over a strained relationship?

Are you experiencing loss or grief?

Basically, are you tired of feeling unwell?

If so, I can help.

It is time to move forward in a healthy, creative way. Visual journaling will help you express your thoughts, feelings, your stories and life transitions and will help you to heal.

Retreating to Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom in the country will help you to move forward.

Visual journaling isn’t just for therapy, it is beneficial in celebrating and documenting personal events, trips, favorite quotes, songs, books, recipes, food, and recording new ideas, working through problems  and setting goals.

Can you afford not to learn how to positively express your life stories and transitions?

Can you afford to keep being unhappy?

Invest in yourself by seeking our services at Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom.

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Art Therapy is Perfect for Many Occasions

As an elementary school teacher for 27 years, I provide professional quality, unique lessons for all ages and abilities.

Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom is a safe and caring art retreat in the country for people of all ages and abilities to learn how to tell their life stories and express themselves using art!

A week long Community Classroom retreat for school groups can be experienced. I collaborate with the classroom teacher to create a unique program geared to curricular needs.

Visual journaling is an integral part of the week to record observations, thoughts and feelings and ideas, information, and questions, and discoveries. Drama, music, dance and visual arts, including photography, can be integrated.

School groups are also welcome for morning, afternoon or day long field trips.

I gently guide my students through the process, offering compliments and suggestions, reminding them of some basic principles of art and offering solutions to their art problems.

Other visual journaling art retreats I provide are birthday parties, teacher professional development, school PD Days for children, teen classes, adult and senior classes, professional development,  family nights, date nights, Ladies' Night Out, Guys' Night Out, studio usage and staff development.

Retreats can be for half days, full days, evenings, weekends, week long and a series of lessons for six to eight weeks.

My studio is available to rent for meetings.

Furthermore, clients can also enjoy exploring the acreage, visiting the horses and kittens, and creating either inside the studio or outside in the beautiful country setting.

We have recently added a fire pit area, park benches and a picnic table to add to the unique art experience in the country.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of unique expression which allows you to use art as mentally productive outlet. Using art as a way to make sense of your inner thoughts helps articulate your subconscious in a way that makes sense to you. This helps alleviate stress and helps you cope with thoughts stuck inside your head.

This is a fantastic outlet for you to expand and improve your artistic talents, all while helping you cope with internal struggles. Using art therapy, you can extract your inner thoughts and place them on a page. This will give you a physical and visual medium to extrapolate on and develop upon.

Art comes in near limitless forms, however, here are a few examples. Drawing, painting, and sculpting are quite common. Depending on your preferences, your mind may take you in other directions. However, we are happy to help you expand upon youth talents and work out your mental obstacles.

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About me

Renee Dowling from Reflections Art Studio

Visual journaling has saved me! I have been able to explore different healthy ways of dealing with the many challenges in my life.

I use visual journaling to express my life stories and life transitions! It has helped me to move on and feel happy, creative, positive and alive!

Documenting the stories in my life to leave behind as a legacy for my children and grandchildren is another way I use visual journaling.

Because of the benefits of this therapeutic process, I am living a creative life, and I want to help other people live a happy, healthy and creative life too!

I have a Bachelor of Education through the University of Lethbridge, and have taught elementary school students full time for the past 27  years with the Medicine Hat School District. Visual journaling was also an integral part of my students’ school year in all subject areas.

 I was an active member on the ATA Provincial Fine Arts Council as the Editor of their publication, A Fine FACTA.

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